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Friends forever (Venus Raj & Helen Nicolette Henson)

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Friends forever  (Venus Raj & Helen Nicolette Henson) Empty Friends forever (Venus Raj & Helen Nicolette Henson)

Post by bonner on Thu May 27, 2010 11:57 am

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Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2010 Venus Raj (right) and second runner-up Nicolette Henson: The truth is, they never fought

STAR BYTES By Butch Francisco (The Philippine Star) Updated May 27, 2010 12:00 AM

Among women, every day is a beauty contest.

Last month, there was speculation among beauty pageant watchers about a supposedly a-brewing war between Binibining Pilipinas winners Venus Raj and Nicolette Henson.

The non-issue started when Binibining Pilipinas officials announced that they were taking back the crown from Venus due to inconsistencies in the documents she submitted to the organization. To take her place as the Philippine representative to the Miss Universe pageant was second runner-up Nicolette.

Immediately, tongues started wagging about how Venus and Nicolette were having a feud. The truth is, the two girls never fought. Not last month when Venus had just been stripped of her Binibining Pilipinas-Universe title. Not now when she had been reinstated — after she finally got her Philippine passport, the one piece of document that would enable her to leave the country and compete abroad.

It is to the two girls’ credit that they never let this issue affect their relationship. As I write this, they are still friends — and I can say that with authority because I see them work out and train together in Gold’s Gym regularly under the supervision of John Cuay, who is known among physical fitness aficionados to successfully sculpt beauty queen bodies.

Having met the two of them inspired me to do a contrasting study between these two lovely women.

I’ve actually met Nicolette or Nickette to friends only a couple of times but I noticed that she is the easygoing and fun-loving one between the two of them. She is the classic what you see is what you get — the type who warms up to you even at first meeting. Very pretty in a cute way, she is bubbly and oozes with sex appeal — every boy’s dream girlfriend.

Venus, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Whereas Nicolette is very fair, Venus is dark-skinned. It’s not the kayumangging kaligatan shade. And I can’t even say that she’s darker than most brown-skinned Pinoys. Her skin tone is actually different — a bit rare if you ask me. Maybe this can be traced to her Indian roots on her father’s side. But hers is a very even complexion that’s perfect for camera purposes. She must be the envy of other fashion models who come out pale in pictures and on screen.

Her personality is also different from other women her age. She doesn’t easily open up to people she just met — at least, that’s my experience with her. But by the third meeting, she begins to let you into her world, except that there is still a lot to unravel about her and she becomes even more mysterious the deeper you search.

I can only assume that since she didn’t grow up in the city, she has decided to cover herself with a protective layering against the big bad wolves of the metropolis. And there are many of them in various forms in this big, bad city. But I do notice that the iciness around her is now starting to thaw faster than the endangered Arctic caps.

In the beginning, I thought she didn’t have a sense of humor. But it seems she can have one — at will and during unguarded moments. I may be wrong, but I find her ways still a bit studied, which isn’t at all bad because it’s a step to get ahead in life, especially if you are seeking a career in the limelight. In her case, I can see that she is doing this to improve herself and this is very admirable of her.

So study she continues to do: In the way she talks, moves and conducts herself in front of other people. There is a trace of uptightness still, which we shouldn’t take against her since it’s part of her learning and developing process. But I bet she will perfect that in time because she is very intelligent.

Yes, it is her intelligence that enables her to survive this tough world — and her drive and determination, too. She may seem too ambitious, but what’s wrong with that for as long as she isn’t stepping on other people? As far as I know she isn’t.

But she has to learn to relax a little bit more. However, I do salute her for always being correct, polite and proper. I hope she forgives me for getting into this area of her life since it’s not my place to say this, but I can’t resist telling everyone that she will make a good politician’s wife because she is very bright, pliant and malleable.

And having come from humble beginnings, she has the heart for the underprivileged. Oh, she’ll be a great political asset.

However, we are getting way ahead. At this point, she has to focus on her training for the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Las Vegas in August.

If you ask me, I don’t care anymore if she wins there or not. In the past month or so that she was battling it out to get back her title, she has already won me over after she displayed such strength of character. To me, she is already a winner.

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